Never Give Up









Your Dreams

No one should ever give up on their dreams regardless of their circumstances. I know it’s easier said than done but He who endures with determination will win in the end. Refuse to give up your dreams. Why? Let's take a look.

Your vision and your quest for success for the future must be stronger than any impediments that come your way, be it unforeseen crushing setbacks or the settle stumbling blocks that sometimes make us feel like we are getting nowhere. Those are the times that we must be determine to Never Give Up no matter how long it takes or how long you have to work for it. You have to face failures that come along the way sometimes and see them as part of the learning process. But the one thing that you need to hold firm is Never Give Up.


Each and everyone of us has their own path to success. Some wanted to be Teachers, they became Teachers and that’s their success story. Some also choose the paths of be coming a lawyer, an engineer, doctor, carpenter, a mason and so on and so forth. All these guys achieved their goals. Thus, everyone has a different gift or talent and skills that serve them well, all given freely by our creator.

Throughout my life, I have tried to remain faithful to what I have and managed to wither temptations to acquire things of wants and not needs. Even though in my earlier teenage days in high school all seemed to be well when you follow friends. It did not take too long for me to realize that within a short while, graduation will be here and each person finds a separation not thought about. Some travel overseas to other countries because their parents had the money to send them. Some ended up in local colleges and universities never to be heard from them again. Others ended up in the workforce never to return to school. You see each path is different so is our destinies.

The best we can do is surround ourselves with helpful and success oriented people always to enable us put things in good perspective because we really cannot do it ourselves alone.

Always look forward and never backward without fear. Do away with negative thoughts. Stay positive and away with negative friendships, nay Sayers and anything that seeks to thwart your ambitions. You don’t have because you don’t ask. Ask and the door shall be open. Don’t give up. Never give up. Keep exploring to till you find the right opportunities while maintaining yourself with whatever you have right now. Keep working it even through pain. Seek perfection in your aspirations and you will surely find it. When you do, remember to share your successes with the next person so they don’t give up.


Don’t Give Up